Seshlan Naidoo
Seshlan Naidoo 11 perccel
This song is amazing
Jared Bendicio
Jared Bendicio 11 perccel
can't stop listening, this is so good
Amalia Brody
Amalia Brody 12 perccel
i think its little inaproppite some parts like cursing,showing inapropite parts so kinda makes the song a little ugh
Erik Descia Krisma
Erik Descia Krisma 13 perccel
ariana shows how professional she is🔥🔥🔥
Ivanna Holness
Ivanna Holness 14 perccel
Hey ariana i have been a fan of you since i was 5
Leonie Kadletz
Leonie Kadletz 14 perccel
Break up with your girlfriend cause i‘m bored Or should i say..... *BORE.D* The rpg cooking homies will know😼
Zahra Hindawi
Zahra Hindawi 17 perccel
OMG Ariana i are your big fan in your loge i have a thishrt of you and a parfym and a fot i love you u are som my big sister
井田応援隊 17 perccel
Brianna Brown
Brianna Brown 18 perccel
34+35 lol ooh she a freak 🤣...
Musical Mountains
Musical Mountains 20 perccel
Ayesha Bukhari
Ayesha Bukhari 22 perccel
It was in my recommendation after 4 years (θ‿θ)
HenryWJohnson Artist
HenryWJohnson Artist 23 perccel
She ate this shit up girlies
Gravehold TV
Gravehold TV 24 perccel
I'm sad that these amazing singers have to fcking sell their body to actually sell music, this is fcked up... catchy but fcked up nonetheless...
Dalia Touati
Dalia Touati 24 perccel
i am not a big fan of Ariana but i think she is great.
lesly dariany montañez rincon
lesly dariany montañez rincon 24 perccel
re tóxicos
Nahom Mikael
Nahom Mikael 26 perccel
Damn i still listen this in 2021
Galaxy 7
Galaxy 7 26 perccel
I don't know but I feel Ariana Grande is more emo with every song
Razia Rezaaiey
Razia Rezaaiey 27 perccel
The amount of anxiety I'm getting from watching this argh
*Kokichi Oma*
*Kokichi Oma* 29 perccel
Sarah Nagila Silva alarcon
Sarah Nagila Silva alarcon 29 perccel
Students channel
Students channel 30 perccel
Happy Birthday JB 😘. 1 March in India Fan from India. Wishing you a happy 27 Stay blessed and healthy. Keep owning the world
Dora Lasinda Fernandez
Dora Lasinda Fernandez 31 perce
0:00 lo re recomiendoo
Sehar 31 perce
While I'm here stuck with Microsoft TEAMS and we have our days on and off....
Dora Lasinda Fernandez
Dora Lasinda Fernandez 31 perce
2:33 amee
Sonal Sharma
Sonal Sharma 32 perccel
7 rings from NORMAL people's P.O.V (btw, don't mock me if i suck at grammar) Yeah, breakfast at mommy's and bottles of water, Mom embarasses me like I'm her 7-year old daughter, I could just dream of, ATM machines, Gotta ask dad for a raise to buy things, Been through some trouble, and now I'm stuck at home, Who woulda thought that they'd leave me home alone?! Rather be tied up with friends, and not with homework, Then I get into a fight with my brotha' who's a jerk!! (no offence boys) My wrist, is aching, ma' neck is paining And now I'm dreamin', of money raining You hate my hair? I'm sorry! Just woke up, I see it, I like it, I ask dad, I'm grounded (nuh-uh) I want it, I'm grounded, I want it, I'm grounded, I want it, I'm grounded, I want it, I'm grounded, You hate my hair? Hey stop it I'm trying!!! I see it, I like it, look at dad? Loose hope!! (why-y?) Wearing a ring but its made of rubberbands And now I'm just lost, wanna fly to Neverland!! They say, "Which one?" I say, "Sorry! I'm grounded" Happiness is no homework for a day (yuh!) My smile is broken, just bored to hell, I'm tryna' sleep, but here rings the school bell (the school bell) I bought a dollar, by selling some cents, Now I'm going on a school trip, campin' and tents (yeahhh) I want it, I'm grounded, I want it, I'm grounded, I want it, I'm grounded, I want it, I'm grounded, You hate my hair? For heck's sakes, please stop (Pleeeeaaaseee) I see it, I like it, look at dad, then hate it!!! Yeah forget it, my bills, are way outta budget, I know I ain't beyonce, now no need to judge it, Red card I get for trouble at school The way it be setting my rep for me! I don't mean to brag, cause I got nothing to brag about, Look at me and say, what a mess, without a doubt Shoot, now ask dad for a raise again, He be like for the billionth time stop beggin for da bills, Never mind, did get some juice, Which fell all on, ma' new shirt MY NEW SHIRT, like really? Ain't got no money enough, to buy a mansion I am stuck with exam tension! If I like it, I ignore it! What? It's better than be grounded. I want it, I'm grounded, I want it, I'm grounded, I want it, I'm grounded, I want it, I'm grounded, You LIKE my hair? Oh finally, glad to hear it! Did well on my exams, and finally I got it!!! Thanks guys please like my comment if you like my version of 7 rings!!!
Abrar Hassan
Abrar Hassan 32 perccel
If you sync this with Die for you it matches perfectly 😍
Kelvin Guerrero
Kelvin Guerrero 33 perccel
Do you think it happened between them 3 on the low?👄💄💕
BeniaMix 35 perccel
Obecność: Polska? . . .
sarah 36 perccel
Il love you
jie li
jie li 36 perccel
china president xi good relationship with America president joe! which means china allowed democraticas help HongKong freedom actions!
Sean Espinoza
Sean Espinoza 37 perccel
How do her feet not hurt from carrying the music industry?? 👑
jie li
jie li 37 perccel
china president xi good relationship with America president joe! which means china allowed democraticas help HongKong freedom actions!
Nicolas Ferraiuolo
Nicolas Ferraiuolo 37 perccel
Te amoooo
shivani 38 perccel
This is ok but a swedish man swearing isn't?
Damn u look like Mona lisa
Damn u look like Mona lisa 40 perccel
Fun fact this was a Advert for samsung
lol loli
lol loli 42 perccel
Even youtube copyright thinks she sounds similar to the original or is it the guitar noise slaps
SkyRosé 42 perccel
This is my favourite song✨❤
shivani 42 perccel
This is ok but a swedish man swearing isn't.
wil son
wil son 43 perccel
Ariana grande cancelled donald trump 👏🏻
Mirzovali Davlatov
Mirzovali Davlatov 45 perccel
Привет. Мы. Фотима. И. Даша
SAFAE TOUFIQ 45 perccel
I am a big fan
Ahina x
Ahina x 45 perccel
Ariana Grande is my EVERYTHING. <33
Lil-_-bOw Ənbighc
Lil-_-bOw Ənbighc 45 perccel
i ain't seen her in my dream, just woke up i want meet miss grande if she want learn me some tricks about this language love by make me my first kiss a ever
Ahkwj Thigh
Ahkwj Thigh 46 perccel
POV : your trying to find comments from when this song came out but you can’t because everybody’s is here and filling up the cm section in 2021
MBE channelz
MBE channelz 52 perccel
This song tells a lot of story
Sam Amey-Kazerounian
Sam Amey-Kazerounian 52 perccel
What annoys me the most abt singing who know they have kids watching them they swear
MBE channelz
MBE channelz 53 perccel
My favorite song indeed
clara 54 perccel
excuse hmm, I LOVE U
Mia Messer
Mia Messer 54 perccel
I love your music I am your biggest fan🥰🥰☺️☺️
Love4ariana 55 perccel
shivani 56 perccel
I'm addicted to this
Phương Anh 400k Vào Henho24h xyz
Phương Anh 400k Vào Henho24h xyz 56 perccel
03:23 Nhiều khi muốn có 1 mối quan hệ mập mờ, Không phải tình yêu, không phải bồ bịch, càng không phải người dưng. 👨‍
Kate O'Toole
Kate O'Toole 57 perccel
this is almost at 700! 🤍
Mr. Trickster
Mr. Trickster 59 perccel
"Happiness is the same price as RED BOTTOMS." -Ariana Grande
jose Matias
jose Matias Órája
Karen's Natural Habitat
Karen's Natural Habitat Órája
how's this song already nearly 3 years old
Mc Butt
Mc Butt Órája
Imagine not hitting a bil views.
Zeynep Nalbantoğlu
Zeynep Nalbantoğlu Órája
Zane Shearer
Zane Shearer Órája
Ayden Tan
Ayden Tan Órája
Cat valentine is now hot
Lukishiftm Órája
Natasha Simon Frasnelli
Natasha Simon Frasnelli Órája
Sude Zor
Sude Zor Órája
I can listen to this song about a thousand times.
XxMikeyxX Órája
I love her so love her so cool so so cool so good
Sneza Petrovic
Sneza Petrovic Órája
Mariana Ion
Mariana Ion Órája
Mais t'es dans SAM ET CAT
juju Órája
juju Órája
juju Órája
juju Órája
juju Órája
Love4ariana Órája
love u 😍
juju Órája
Sonal Sharma
Sonal Sharma Órája
Ariana Grande: I see it, I like it, check the price, can't afford it, then I go, to the shopkeeper, give an autograph, and get it for FREEEE!!! (V.I.P treatment we can just dream bros)
juju Órája
J Ed
J Ed Órája
I wasn’t a HUGE Ariana Grande fan before I heard this but then my boyfriend dedicated this song to me... Now I come here multiple times and smile whilst doing so! Best song she has ever made! 💞
Mono Lixx
Mono Lixx Órája
이 영상 헤어진 상황에서 실제로 노래 부른건가요?
Gaytri Thakre
Gaytri Thakre Órája
This is indirect motivation song.. 😂😂
Angelu Padios
Angelu Padios Órája
Aye, it's March 1, 2021